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Substrate DevKit

Topos's first DevKit is built on top of Substrate, a blockchain framework developed by Parity.


Originally part of Polkadot, Substrate packages a fully functional blockchain backbone and exposes a framework-in-the-framework (FRAME) tailored for custom on-chain business logic—the runtime.


Refer to the Substrate Developer Hub for a complete overview of Substrate.


Developing a Substrate runtime with FRAME comes down to writing domain-specific modules called Pallets. FRAME pallets implement a common interface that eases runtime development by clearly encapsulating the declaration of runtime specifc objects and methods (e.g. storage element, storage mutation functions).

A large part of the blockchain backbone exposed by Substrate is itself developed in FRAME both as system/meta pallets that build FRAME itself and as pallets that define core components of a blockchain (e.g. block production mechanism).

The DevKit


The Substrate Devkit is still under development. More information will be shared soon!