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Topos Subnet

The Topos Subnet is a special subnet that holds a core role in the Topos ecosystem: It handles the registration of the ecosystem actors (subnets and TCE participants), manages the TOPOS native asset, and allows for governance of the protocol through on-chain voting, such that TOPOS token holders will have the ability to participate in future protocol improvements.

Subnet Registration

Subnets ready to participate in the Topos ecosystem first need to register with the Topos subnet. The registration process consists in submitting a registration transaction that pays a fee denominated in TOPOS and contains the subnet's signature public key to authenticate its certificates and guarantee their integrity.

TCE Participants Registration

The Topos Subnet additionally holds a central role in the TCE's Sybil resistance mechanism: Users are required to register in order to participate in the TCE. For that matter, they are expected to lock a TOPOS amount on-chain.

Moreover, registered TCE participants benefit from an incentive mechanism implemented on the Topos Subnet that rewards them for following the prescribed protocol.